The 8th Grade Semi-Formal

Well, all the nerve about the dance is gone now that it happened. I had a nice night three days ago. The even better thing is that there were no one to be embarrassed in front of (Arco) and no one to embarrass me in the first place (Aria, Carnation, Willow, Poppy). Carnation’s mom deiced it was wrong to make Carnation go against her will and let her chill at home and Poppy’s parents ending up having to leave the state for something since Wednesday so no one was going to take her. I never even got to hear the reason Arco wasn’t going because I was being rushed to the buses by Brio who thought we were going to miss the bus.

.-. We were one of the first people on.

My mother took my dance a little seriously and gave a “little touch-up”. I honestly just wanted some light lipstick and be on my way considering how I feel about makeup in the first place but then I felt trapped as my mother began putting foundation (what does that even do?), eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, lip liner and lipstick. It wasn’t enjoyable considering at several points I thought my eyes would be taken out.

At the end, I looked not  like myself. Somewhat in a cool way but somewhat in a kind of uncomfortable way. But if I such as things I would be seen as ungrateful. Fletcher said that the makeup still didn’t fix my face which even Oscar the Grouch would turn away from and practically cackled as he went back to his video game. I said nothing.

I saw Lantana’s mom circle ’round the parking lot after stopping but when I walked in, Lantana wasn’t there. I found that strange as I walked down the red carpet they had down leading to the sign-in table. At said sign-in table was Ms. Attacca and Mr. Irato who looked for my name and then let me through.

Some people were already there, chatting up a storm while waiting in line for the professional photos that were going to taken of us. I stood by myself waiting around until I saw Daffodil come in. She ran towards me and began congratulate me on finally wearing makeup publicly. I found it nothing to congratulate about but I thanked her anyways.

People began to pouring in and I was actually surprised at how many people legitimately came. Including Coast, who never wanted to go in the first place and was a major advocate for the anti-dance movement but I suppose his mother probably made him.

Like a lot of these people at the dance.

Everyone was so busy welcoming and chatting up a storm that a lot people didn’t know where we were in line. So in turn, the line became a crowd of people. Hosta came along a little later with her parents. She was acting happy but something told me she didn’t want her parents to accompany her there. Daffodil, Hosta and I all took a photo together and then she took another photo with her parents.

I’m going to be honest, we didn’t do much dancing at the Semi-Formal.

They got amazing caterers and the food was so delicious that we ended up stuffing our faces, talking, and playing cards more than legitimately dancing. Well, except for Hosta. She wasn’t eating much because by bringing her parents they promised Italian food, after. Lucky. We were playing cards with people like Allegro, Andante, Bene, Atoll and Cliff. Which were mostly Arco and Ginger’s friends so why they weren’t there was a recurring question.

Only time we really danced was for the Cha-Cha Slide, The Cupid Shuffle and dances like that,that EVERYONE knows. Other than we shied away from it to the point that K.C., Amaryllis, Lavender, Cadenza, and Hyacinth forced us to dance.

Daffodil really wanted a picture other than the professional picture and I, reluctantly for my disdain for selfies, took one with Daffodil and Hosta posting it to my Instagram.

Keep in mind I have not posted anything on my personal Instagram since my birthday last year. So imagine my surprise when Lupine from last year in my Advanced classes saw my picture almost instantly and commenting on how nice I looked. It was pretty funny because the day before, Arco asked me why I stopped everything with social media.

When it came time for us to leave, we collected our pictures and then the teachers basically kicked us out. They were so eager to have us gone it was kind of ridiculous. When I got home, I jumped straight in the shower and removed makeup before changing into pajamas and hopping on my bed. I thought about telling Arco about my night but knocked out before I could even type my password.

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