Excited For 8th Grade Day

So today is the day before 8th Grade Day and I’m pretty excited. We just barely got it because of the current 8th Grade behavior. Keywords: Just Barely. I’m pretty sure it was because they couldn’t cancel on the DJ and stuff, plus the fact that there would be a parental uproar.

We got the shirts today and to be honest, it was kind of disappointing. Last year’s 8th grade day shirts were tie-dye and it looked super pretty. This year’s looks like a jersey with our school mascot and “Class of 2020” on them. Even better:

It looks exactly like our Beta Club shirt.

It’s even long-sleeved and it has been scorching in Georgia since like a week ago.  Aria and Daffodil wanted to cut their shirts so it was like a tank-top but apparently there’s no alterations allowed on the shirts or it’s an automatic dress code. Another problem is that it’s kind of see through in some places so there were tank-tops needed as well. We are going to sweat to death. At least I had a slightly bigger size than I needed for breath-ability.

Apparently, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow too. That would totally suck because then 8th Grade Day would have to be inside and Carnation told us that her cousin told us the last time they had 8th Grade Day inside, it was pretty boring and they used the whole bottom level of the school. But the field is just more open and free and there’s no chance of kids in connections and 6th Graders impeding on it.

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