Everyone Was To Have Genuine Fun

Well, for one thing, I never expected this out of today. It was 8th Grade Day, everyone was supposed to be happy, chill, no bad vibes.

So then can someone explain to me how even, Arco of all people, ended up hurting his back in a fight this afternoon?

I texted him once I got on the bus and asked him about his day. He responded with the fact that he felt wasted. That confused because he seemed fine minutes ago. But I didn’t push it much, letting him probably get the sleep he needed. I wasn’t concerned too much, it just seemed like there was something to it that had to have happened for him to feel like this.

Let’s flash to when I get home and I feel my phone buzz in my pocket. It was Aria who had sent a message in the group chat of a video (a snap as in Snapchat) of Arco sleeping on the bus with Aria’s fedora as a pillow. And then she explained that apparently he hurt his back, felt super tired, and slept basically in a tornado drill way after opening his phone once to text someone. When she tried to warn him he was going to hurt his neck too, he didn’t respond and that’s she figured out he was sleeping. I would have said something about how cute he was when he was sleeping but I was too overwhelmed with the fact that he had somehow hurt himself.

It started being 20 Questions with Aria and I until I got most of what happened. Apparently, some dude was being a complete jerk and you know, no one else was going to say anything about it so he stood up against him. One thing to led to another, and next thing you know, Arco’s in pain in his back.

The only question I kept asking was,”Why?”

Because I don’t understand any of this. He isn’t one to fight so what triggered it now??

And what exactly went down?

When I asked who the person was,(so I could have a little talk with them myself)this is how she responded.

Aria: Yeah, he told me who it was.

Me: So who was it?

A: I don’t remember.

I could obviously see there was a lie in that. She responded in the same way when I asked what it was about specifically in the first place. Something tells me there’s a reason she isn’t telling me. Well, time to start figuring things out.

What’s even better is that because of a vigorous game of “Tug Of War”, Arpeggio’s and Carnation’s hands are already stiff. Which means that he and/or she may not be able to play when we play for the 8th Award Ceremony tomorrow. If Arco also can’t play, there is a major roadblock.

But that’s not why I’m mainly concerned.

I just want him alright.

Float In The Cyber Space.


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