The Beta Ice Cream Social

So a week and two day ago was the last Beta Club meeting of the year. It was also the last Beta Club Mr. Canto would be in charge of at our school because he’s moving to Savannah and teaching at a private school. It was after school because the 7th graders were having their meeting in the morning to elect their officers and all we were doing was eating ice-cream, nothing else. You can obviously tell we were more prioritized than them.

It was pretty chill. (No pun intended) I got a ton of Cookies ‘n’ Cream ice-cream with every topping Mr. Canto bought. Cherries, Sprinkles (Rainbow and Chocolate) , Drizzles, M & M’s, EVERYTHING. I was surprised I wasn’t bouncing off the walls like Daffodil. Aria, Daffodil, Willow were all playing a card game while Aster, Carnation, Ginger, Arpeggio, Hosta were all talking about life among other things.

“I see the lack of hostility in the air. So much easier to breathe and be friends, right buddies?” Carnation patted both Arpeggio and my own back.

“It’s because of the truce.”

“It took a truce for you two to finally be nice to each other?” Hosta asked, puzzled.

“Basically.” I responded, taking a sip of water.

After that, I ended up taking my shift to help serve ice-cream. But something strange kept happening.

“Where do you keep going with all the ice-cream I’m giving you?” I asked Arpeggio and Hosta, puzzling while scooping some Strawberry Swirl.

“Oh, we’re giving it to all the teachers who are still in the building.” Hosta beamed, and I began analyzing the situation. This was Hosta but it didn’t make sense on Arpeggio’s part.

“Why are you being so nice for a ch- ” I started, putting a hand on my hip, but I retracted my sharp tongue and instead said: “What’s causing this change of heart?”

“I agree.” Willow said, beginning to take the empty vanilla tub.

“Well, you’ve been at odds with me so long that you don’t actually know how nice I am.” He replied, almost out the door.

I was skeptical but then Hosta said he wasn’t wrong and Hosta’s verification was enough for me.

Time passed faster than I ever imagined. And soon enough we were reaching the front doors to leave. On the way, Aria had practically assaulted Arpeggio and now she was extremely hysterical laughter as she was riding piggyback on him. I’m surprised Mr. Canto didn’t even say anything. 

Carnation sighed seeing the scene and asked something of me as we were headed to the front, “Don’t let Aria ruin Arpeggio’s life.”

I was going to ask what she meant but then it just hit me so I asked something of her, “As along as you don’t let anyone ruin Ginger’s.”

“I have a feeling he might ruin his own life.” She commented, and I looked at her with worriedness.

“I’m just kidding, I promise.” She finished before getting into her mom’s car.

In the front of the school, I found myself leaning against a pillar with Hyacinth, Allegro, and Ginger while waiting on our parents. Soon enough though, it was just me and Ginger. And it was pretty great, always sharing our sarcastic comments until someone had to be literal (usually me). Sometimes we were just silent but I mean it was a pretty great silence.

“So when’s your dad coming?” I asked, staring at the American flag while the wind was blowing hair in my face pretty dramatically.

“Well, I mean he was in the back parking lot and told him to come up here 7 minutes ago so who knows.” He began run his feet on the curb and beyond in boredom.

“Man, I would hang my feet over the curb but I’m sure my mom’s coming soon and I don’t trust her to do something like accidentally swerve slightly.”

He looked at me kind of concerned.

“It’s happened on more than one account.” I shrugged and laughed as I saw him slowly retract his legs into his arms and hugged his knees.

Oh, where did the time go? We ended practically dying near the school parking lot, saying a bunch of nonsensical things to make our sides hurt. Or more where had I go, because I wasn’t made aware that Willow was still here until she hopped in front of me telling about how times she was calling for me. I explained that I was probably laughing so hard with Ginger when I snuck a glance at him and then we randomly started laughing again. Willow did not look amused.

“Ginger. I am just going to steal her away for a second…” She formally said while dragging me away to one of the benches.

“Well,I wanted to ask if you can go to the study session at Daffodil’s place but obviously the more important question is what is up with you and Ginger?” She asked, leaning back and forth quickly to peek at him.

I corrected her because she has used his actual name instead of Ginger being my nickname for him, earning me a sigh.

“You see, that’s what I mean. You guys are just having a happy, hullabaloo with all of sarcastic akin ways.” She stated.

“He’s just a really good friend to me and really amusing and entertaining to talk to. That’s all.”  I shrugged while oddly skipping to sink against a pillar.

While covering my face in partial embarrassment, I heard a car coming and then heard a tiny skid. I knew for a fact in was my mother before uncovering my face.

“I told you, my red-haired friend,” I commented before hopping into my mother’s car.

“I will see you later.” I saluted before shutting the door.

“Was that Col?” My mother asked as we drove away.

I began to sigh once again going through this situation one too many times. I swear to Gummy Bears, every time she sees Ginger she thinks it’s any other random guy from my past she’s knows other THAN Ginger. The time I was talking to him after the Movie Night we had in 7th grade:

“Oh, isn’t that…” She snapped tried to bring the memory back, “Coperti, the one with the twin sister?”

I shook my head fast; they didn’t look nor did they act alike.

Another time, she guessed he was Coast. Canon.  The list goes on but she never gets close to the name Ginger or anyone of his character. Well, that felt weird because I haven’t called him by his actual name in a long time.

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