8th Grade Awards Ceremony

I have a pounding headache and my ears hurt due to this award ceremony.

Before the ceremony actually started, Carnation, Aria, Chiuso and I went downstairs with 8 other 8th grade orchestra people to play entry music. We actually had a lot of fun just joking around while playing. Aria wanted to be first chair because “I’ve had it forever.” and “It’s time to give up the throne.” I honestly didn’t mind, I was closer to the cellos by being second chair.

After all the group playing, Cadenza began playing the song Secrets by OneRepublic joined in by Arpeggio. It felt like I, Arco, and everyone else was just impeding on a super romantic moment. 

I assume Arco felt the same because he flicked his eyes to Arpeggio and Cadenza before whispering, “Okay, and they say nothing’s going on. I feel super awkward.”

“Same.” I breathed, gripping my viola.

We actually had to rush from Mrs. Anima’s room and back so we didn’t miss the award ceremony. Carnation, Aria and I couldn’t find our seats so we ended up standing during the National Anthem, The Pledge of Allegiance and the Chorus performance before we could take our seats. We were the last team and even better the last homeroom to get awards. So imagine Aria and I’s boredom while having to sit through screaming people and speeches. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t like I didn’t care its jut that the whole ceremony was roughly 3 – 4 hours. 3 – 4 HOURS. Aria secretly used her phone the whole time while I was begging not to become deaf.

People were doing, personalized, for a lack of better words, cheers for awards. Even Aria and I did. For Ginger, we clapped loudly laughing while screaming, “GO GINGER!”

For Arco, Torie and I were yelling, “Arco! WHOO, ARCO! LET’S GO! ARCO!” and Chiuso screamed this nickname we have for Arco because of his middle name which we looked at him like WTF? What’s even better is that they used his first name instead of his middle name so all the parents got confused.

We’re wonderful, supportive friends and great people. 

You could also tell who was really popular by how much applause and cheers they got, when they got their award. Aber was definitely the most popular with practically everyone screaming on the top of their lungs and clapping their hands raw for him. He definitely felt like a winner.

When it was time for my awards, a ton of people were yelling and clapping for me, which was something I REALLY did not expect. The personalized yelling got me as well as Aria right back in the butt because over everyone else you could hear two distinct voices both on the same side of the gym and I knew I had this coming to me.

“IVY LEAGUE, WHOOP!” I made a joke about Ivy League schools and myself about a month ago and now Arco sometimes calls me Ivy League because the joke was so horrible.

“BROWNIE!” Ginger uncharacteristically hollered and as they continued,the red in my face spread like wildfire.

I had to know I saw this coming. Soon the awards were over and I began to look around for my parents, wondering if they had actually came. Seeing everyone else so happy with their families made me happy somehow. Ginger was taking pictures with Allegro and Andante, Aria laughing with her sisters, Arco talking with his mother, while I found no traces of my parents.


If they weren’t there, It was fine. It would be yet another big moment in my life that they would skip. Once again. I’m sure people saw me wandering and that’s why they invited me into pictures.

K.C. hopped up to me and said she had seen my mother looking for me in the crowd. They found me eventually. They told me they were leaving and that I would be riding the bus. Then my parents began, pretty much scolding me, on how I walked, where I sat, how come I didn’t wear make-up or wore a lot of jewelry comparing me once again to my friends. Usually I just took it as was and showing no emotion but some reason, I felt like I was going to cry. When I had my head down for a moment, I saw Arco leaving and he was talking to his mother while leaving and then he turned to me. His eyebrows furrowed and he opened his mouth to say something when his mother called him along because of something, I wasn’t paying attention. Her walked along but kept looking at me and until my mother made me turn around and take more pictures. 

Maybe it would have been better if they hadn’t come at all.

I was on my way to orchestra, walking with Carnation as she was laughing about my name predicament earlier and I realized how I really was going to miss one of my best friends next year. And next year was coming faster than I would feel it. Packing up and leaving, I noticed a folder on one of the cello racks. I thought about leaving it in there and telling Mrs. Anima but something told me to take it instead. I hadn’t even thought about it when I left the room saying “Have a good day.” with the folder in hand.

I sighed and tried to find where my homeroom was staying. I couldn’t just leave it in there now. It could only be one of the two that was in there so either find Arco or Arpeggio or give it to Aria to give Arco on the bus or Cadenza whenever she’s always with Arpeggio.

Flaws in that logic struck me when I sat inside in Band room with Mrs. Calando’s and Dr. Arioso’s homeroom. Arco was gone, Cadenza was gone, I couldn’t find Ariaand she was moving to Daffodil and Carnation’s neighborhood so she wouldn’t riding Arco’s bus anymore from today onward and I couldn’t find Arpeggio so he was probably gone too.

I didn’t even know which one out of the two it was so I began flipping through it even though I was positive I knew whose it was already. You see, Arco’s organization with music is together while Arpeggio’s is a little haphazard. It was pretty organized. But apparently, my head though it wasn’t enough and I started to  go through the musical notes and the handwriting that was the definitive deciding factor. Leaving for the buses it was pouring and I hugged it close to me with one arm and held the umbrella with the other. It was probably the most protective of a binder I’ve ever been.

So now I’m stuck with Arco’s Orchestra binder for the weekend. Because it’s normal to have your crush’s music binder in your current possession.

Float In The Cyber Space.


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