Transferring Prisons

Alright, before there’s thoughts of, “SHE WENT TO JAIL?”, let me explain the title.

I’ve been super busy with finals and all, that I haven’t really posted that much this month. But good news!

Yesterday was my last day of school as a middle prisoner schooler. Now this girl is transferring to a bigger prison called High School with tougher inmates, more rock chipping, and bigger crimes against people just trying to make it in life. However, there’s better food so… maybe I’ll stick around. Yet, I’m hoping I get bailed out before I’m lost to misery.

I’m already working on my AP and Independent Reading Projects which might take up my time plus taking Health and PE classes over the summer. I’m working hard to get this done by the end of June since that’s when the PE and Health classes end as well. So then I’ll have July off. Hopefully. I need to read all the posts in my reader anyways.

I’m kind of anxious though that I actually want High School to start to get it over with. I have to wait 73 days first, which is the shortest summer I’ve ever had, I’m sure.

If any of my followers are in high school, could you maybe enlighten me on your freshman experiences?

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4 thoughts on “Transferring Prisons

  1. hey friend, I guess I’m a freshman, but it’s a little different because I’m homeschooled. However, I am in 4-H, and it’s kinda nice, once you’re in Highschool you are generally seen as more mature. I would say stick with the people you feel comfortable with, but don’t be afraid to talk to people older than you every once in a while. I’m currently on the drama company, which is made of high schoolers, and there is only one other freshman. But generally they’re all friendly. Older kids can be a bit scary but if you stay on their good side it shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Freshmen experience? Well, I went to my sister’s high school, and she told me all the ropes beforehand, so I was quite prepared, and didn’t think much of it.
    Honestly, high school is just a bigger and tougher (academic wise) elementary school. There are lots of people in many different grades, and the most you’ll know are the classmates in your classes. There will be lots of teachers who will have a hard time to learn your names in a month or so. Just try to make friends as soon as you can, since once people get into cliques, it’s hard to get out of them. 😛

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