Work, Work, Work

This summer is starting to annoy me. I already have a giant textbook for AP Bio, and the Freshman Reading Project. I have yet to get anything for AP Human Geography and now I have PE and Health stuff to do.

Speaking of which, this morning I went to the Pre-Testing for PE this morning. My mother’s college was close to the campus I would be taking this at so she said she’d drop me off and then go to class and then my father would pick me up. I emphasized on this SEVERAL times over the past two weeks. You’ll know why this was important in a second.

So I looked at the information for today in my mother’s email and it was it would JUST be an orientation for how to set up the Fit Bit  for the PE course. NOWHERE DID IT SAY WE WOULD BE DOING SIT-UPS, PUSH UPS AND THE PACER IN A GYM. I walked in there with my casual clothes and sat waiting.

My definition of casual differs from others. I was wearing a pink blouse, soft light blue jeans and pink flats. But when I saw other people coming in, I noticed that my attire was horribly out of place.

Everyone else was dressed sporty and I was confused because, “Why do that for the computer lab?”

I was horribly wrong. After signing in, these teachers took us the gym and it felt my stomach fell. I was the only one wearing the type of clothing I had on. Regardless, the teachers said that they were looking for improvement not goals for your gender, height, and age. So I lagged on purpose to show “improvement”plus I didn’t want to ruin any article of clothing. It just makes life easier.

The orientation part was last. It was instructions on how to sync the data with the website and get quizzes, tests, and grades from there. It was a doozy but I need an A in both classes for my GPA.

If my tone hasn’t given off the fact that I am mad yet, well this is me telling you I’m pissed. As fore-mentioned that my father would pick me up on time. My father didn’t come until the NEXT TWO SESSIONS was over. It wasn’t like he was sleeping. He wasn’t. How do you forget that one of your daughters are MISSING FOR OVER 4 HOURS. The session was 45 minutes because it was shorter due to the fact that not a lot of people wanted morning that early. I SPENT 3 HOURS AND 15 MINUTES WAITING AND I LIVE 30 MINUTES AWAY.


(Sorry for my language, I’m just so irritated)

I saw Poppy because we took the testing the same day and she offered if I wanted to come over to her place earlier on. But I was I was fine because I had faith that for one in my life, my parents would not be late to something. What even MORE concerning is that this school was RIGHT NEXT TO A JAIL.

A FREAKING JAIL. THERE WERE PRISONERS OUTSIDE. I felt SO safe waiting for 3 hours.

Lucky Daffodil, she’s on the Washington D.C. Field Trip and did this yesterday in the afternoon slots instead of in the morning slots today where you’re too tired to function. Yes, even when there’s no school anymore there can still be a field trip. A lot of people didn’t go because it was SUPER expensive but at least she gets a break from AP stuff. I’m working day in and day out and we need our study group session soon.

Float In The Cyber Space.


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