Partying Almost Like High School

So I went to Lily’s annual bonfire party again this year last week Friday. And this time, I did not injure a limb, thank god. I got there kind of late because my parents had a party to go to and decided to get ready and then drop me off on their way. Once I entered her house, I noticed a sharp increase of high schoolers this year from last year. Pine’s friends basically dominated the whole floor level minus the kitchen where Lily, Daffodil, Geranium and I were residing.

Geranium’s friends hadn’t arrived yet, and Lily was still waiting on Amaryllis and this girl from the neighborhood named Codetta to arrive. I was kind of wandering about and that was how I picked up everyone’s names. Besides, I remembered people from last year and the year before.

There was this snack in a bowl and Goldfish put out for us as as pieces of Watermelon and this Asian melon that they called a football melon.

“What’s this?” I pointed to the bowl.

“Oh, it’s Oyster crackers with Parmesan cheese.” Geranium explained.

“What are oyster crackers? They don’t have oyster in them, do they?” I inquired.

“No, they’re just sometimes served with them in stew. They’re basically salted crackers in hexagon form.” Lily informed.

I nodded and shortly after, we started a contest with who could catch the most oyster crackers in their mouth. But we got bored in the cramped space so we decided to go outside. Four Square was the classic game we always played at Lily’s but all the balls were deflated so we started to look for the pump.

Amaryllis came riding in with her bike while we were still searching. Once we got the balls pumped up, some of Pine’s friends got bored and went outside taking over the courts as well. They were taking over. So we ended up where were in the first place: the kitchen. Hepatica came a little later and when the guys came back AGAIN for the sake of not hitting cars.

Lily went down to the fire early to make sure everything was a-ok and we soon followed in excitement, carrying our stuff to burn. There were fireflies scattered everywhere as we all stood as the fire, talking, burning and assembling our smores. Amaryllis was stalking teachers with Daffodil while Lily rushed to go find some chocolate chips because there wasn’t much chocolate to begin with and I threw my items and some of Daffodil’s. Someone actually threw in a Sprite can but that’s not that was acting freaky.

The game of Manhunt was actually cut short this year, and here’s what happened. So I had no idea where I would hide this year and was contemplating where while Larch was explaining the rules to Codetta. Amaryllis wasn’t playing because of the pain that grew in her legs and no one wanted to be it. Since Larch was it last year, people began to put Larch up there but instead he decided to spin a lopsided cup which despite the voices against, it landed on Cypress.

“Alright, Cypress. Go into the garage and count to 60.” Larch ushered him.

“Wait, but-” He tried to reason.

“Just go.” He pushed.

We were all watching intently, just waiting for him to step foot into the garage. Once he did…

We broke out running for our lives. I still had no idea where to run and I ended up running and sliding under a truck, between the end and and the border before the grass and the rest of the woods. I thought it was pretty obvious where I was hiding.But I noticed several people running and/or walking past me yet no one noticed me. I think I might have this in the bag, I thought. Then there were giant headlights shining on me. Shit.

A man found me rolled up in a ball and at the top of the hill, I could see Oak also listening to what he was saying. He was kind of mad  (in his own right, I was under his truck for Lord’s sake) and but I was confused as to why because the people lived here didn’t mind the last 2 years. Then I noticed that this wasn’t the same person lived here last year and the year before. Double Shit. 

It took me awhile to actually get out but I ran. Then I realized what was the point because there were a lot of people hiding in that area and they would be found eventually. Cypress and Birch were standing around Lily’s house looking confused. I decided I had nothing to hide for so I walked up to them.

“Hey, do you know where anyone else is?” Birch asked me.

“No.” I answered simply and honestly.

“Oh my god, I don’t want to do this.” Cypress put his head in his shirt.

“Why?” I asked.

“I’m trying not to get shot, yelled at or arrested.” He responded, muffled through his shirt.

“Yeah, I know. The people in that house got pret-ty mad.” I emphasized on ‘pretty’.

“We need to end this early. House-owners are getting mad and we need to get people of the places.” Birch declared.

“Let’s try and find them first before we announce it,” Cypress concurred, “Have you been tagged yet?”

“Me? No. Please do, though. I’m tired of this.” I rolled my eyes, bringing Cypress to tap me to get it over with.

We ended up finding Spruce, Pine, Larch, and Oak but Codetta, Geranium, Hepatica, Lily, Daffodil, and two other guys were still missing. Other people were chilling inside.

“Who’s moving in that bush?” Oak stopped.

“What are you talking about?” Cypress looked puzzled and so did the others because they didn’t see anyone.

“Let’s just check it out. There’s nothing to lose.” Spruce shrugged, moving towards the bush when Codetta took off running and we hopped to the effort to chase after her.

Spruce eventually caught her anyways. The guys were getting tuckered out from searching, and Birch yelled, “We’re calling it off.” before him and a few others followed. No one came out though so either they didn’t believe it or didn’t hear it. It was just Pine, Codetta, Spruce, Larch, and I now. The guys began to walk towards Lily’s house to review over again. Codetta and I were catching our breaths when we saw two people run towards the woods and Codetta and I darted after them. They swerved into thick bramble-like plants and I ordered for Codetta to get to the other side but then they got away.

Walking back defeated, we saw Pine catch Lily and Spruce get Geranium.

“So where did you hide?”  I asked Lily.

“Oh, in that bush.” Lily pointed, “You?”

“Under that truck. It was strange because people kept passing by me but I don’t think anyone saw me.” I shrugged.

“Oh, I saw you but I wasn’t out yet so I wasn’t going to throw you under the bus.” Pine turned around.

“Well, there we go.”I smiled.

I felt a buzz in my front pocket of my capris and checked my phone. It was Daffodil and she was asking if I was found. I told her I was and she responded that she was also found and she wanted to know who was missing. I explained on how we didn’t know if Hepatica was found or not. The other guys were found as well and we all began to retreat inside thinking that maybe Hepatica and Daffodil were inside. Lily and I began to look for them everywhere in the house and near the fire but they were nowhere to be seen.

I texted Daffodil about where she was and (here’s where I got infuriated) she responded:

“By the way, I wasn’t actually found.”

“I’m somewhere.”

“Is it over and have we won?”

I questioned the we until it sunk in that she and Hepatica were hiding together. I, very calmly, said that the game was called off so no one won. Then she asks if they are tied for 1st. I could tell she wasn’t understanding.


Daffodil said she didn’t believe me. When I notified Lily, she started to panic. Amaryllis, Geranium, Lily, Codetta, and I dashed outside and began screaming their names.

“DAFFODIL, COME OUT RIGHT NOW.” I ordered, indignantly.


We split up searching but came back together with nothing.

Suddenly, I got a call from Daffodil. She was quiet the first seconds into the call but then we hear unintelligible whispers and then she hung up. I was getting mad but like the sad, concerned mad. If we didn’t find them, it would a be a disaster but they had to come out eventually. Amaryllis decided that we should pretend that we’re abandoning them and then they would come out. They were hiding in the garden area and it took 12 minutes to decide that they wanted to come out.

“Hey, it was a new experience, wasn’t it? It almost like the high school parties you see in TV and Movies. Neighbors getting mad and asking for police.” Lily tried to make optimism out of the situation.

“The only thing missing would be the spiked drinks.” I added.

“And risque clothing choices by others.” Amaryllis pointed out, grabbing her bike to go home.

We walked Amaryllis home and waited while drinking some Gatorade. My parents got home kind of late because the part but Lily didn’t mind because we watched T.V. since the guys went to the basement.

Float In The Partying Cyber Space!


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