Stay Away

So, still a little anxious about high school over here. Especially because I keep thinking about one of the things I’ve told about something to prep myself for high school. Or should I say someone?

Everyone’s telling me to stay away from him.

I can still remember the first time my friends ever spoke of him. It was Spanish on a rainy day and we were hardly doing anything so we decided to talk about love lives, high school and people from the rival school (well, now not so rival), having a great time until Daisy mentioned someone and then the vibe went sour.

(Note: Without the last name, you don’t really get the vibe as much so just think of a last name for a typical frat boy and it will be roughly the same.)

“John is scum.” Willow inspected her nails.

“Who’s John?” I questioned, not knowing who he was at all.

“You don’t know John?” Buttercup asked, shocked.

“Don’t date him and you’ll be fine.” Aria waved.

“He’s a guy from the other middle school who’s apparently joining our Gifted Leap Classes,” Daisy smiled an irritated smile just thinking about it, “He’s a jerk face.”

“Can you believe he ruined Fennel’s birthday party by kissing Gaura in the woods we were playing something like Man Hunt?” Willow sighed.

“She was pissed.” Buttercup commented, taking a drink of water.

I know I should heed to my friends’ warnings, but I don’t even know what he looks like. How can I avoid someone who I don’t know what they look like? But I’ll probably figure it out when my friends faces turn sour all at once. He does sound like a fuck boy though.

Maybe he’ll change over summer. I did bring this idea up with Buttercup at the lockers and then she slammed her locker close.

“People like him don’t change like that.” She frowned.

I’m really trying for no drama this freshman year so I will keep my distance if necessary. I think I’m better off on my diet against jerks.

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2 thoughts on “Stay Away

  1. My first year of high school was great! And yeah there was some fboys, but as long as you don’t try to get too close to them you’ll be fine!
    But I agree with your friends, they don’t just change. Actually most of them weren’t always fboys too.

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