The Flex And I Are Finally Friends

So I got a Fitbit Flex yesterday and setting it up made me… frustrated. I don’t know if any of you guys have a Flex or any type of Fitbit, but I hope your setting up process wasn’t as irritating as mine. When I opened it, you have the big wristband with the tracker in it and then the smaller one with the wireless sync thing and the charger. I had already downloaded the app so I thought, “Hey! I could set it up on my phone and it will be super easy.”


I was trying several times to get the thing to vibrate and then when it did, my phone kept saying it wasn’t working. How can you tell me it isn’t vibrating when it JUST was. I couldn’t figure it out until I went through 4 YouTube videos and actually tried my laptop which it finally worked.

Thuy-Nhi called me around 11:30 pm yesterday asking for help with it since she was on vacation and was taking the orientation today. I helped her around the online page and such and if I’m going to be honest, it was confusing. After getting into all the details, we realized we didn’t have the same online teachers. We didn’t know it would be this demanding so we thought maybe we should pause on the AP Biology homework, finish these classes and then do it again for July. We ended up staying up until 12:45 am, talking.

My P.E. teacher still has not uploaded the quiz I need to take to access the rest of the course. So I can’t do anything for P.E. until I do this. I’ve been waiting since 8 am. It’s past 11 now. I think I’m going to work ahead in Health, even though the lessons are really long and get it done and then I can be concerned about P.E. and exercising.

Cara, Nicole, Thuy-Nhi and I were on a group call for 4 hours (We just finished), working on assignments together. This will be an interesting June.

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