Interesting Music Lineup

Just something to remove from the heaviness from the last post.

As a part of Personal Fitness, I go jogging, walking, or running around this roughly more than a mile trail at a local park. A lot of the time I’m exercising, the football teams are having practice in the field in the center of the trail.

Three days ago, I left my headphones at home and decided to keep my music on low. Passing by the football field, I started to slow down because I thought I heard music that sounded familiar. And this was my thought process:

I wonder if football people ever have common rules of respect for each position, I mean-

Wait, wait, what is that?

What song is this?

I think I know it.


Is this-

Could it be-


I started getting hyped up, and mouthed the lyrics while I started to jog dramatically. You know, how you hear a certain song and then it’s like you’re dancing and acting out like you would to the lyrics and if no one can hear the music you look insane? That was me.

When I was about to finish my second round, I hear Let It Go being played and I lost all the strong motivation. Then I heard Part of Your World and I’m over here like, “Who picks out the songs for the playlist?”

This wasn’t the first time. It happened two days ago and even yesterday too. Like Blank Space, Ours from Taylor Swift, The One Who Got Away from Katy Perry and I’m here super confused.

It’s like this really intense song that you could pretty much rock out to and then a sweet song and you’re there like, “What?”

Huh. I mean you would think that the football teams would have more of a rugged playlist considering they’re seen as so manly. Not to be so stereotypical.

At least, I now have my new exercise music. Which is basically just listening to Save Rock and Roll. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that in the first place.

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3 thoughts on “Interesting Music Lineup

    lol who would play a rock song and then a disney song
    It’s like playing a rap song and then classical music

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