Driving For A Freshman

So three days ago while working on Health and P.E., I got notified of something pretty important.

There’s this class part of the typical Health class at school during the school year. It’s called ADAP and it’s about Alcohol Drugs Abuse Prevention, I believe. To get my license before 18, IT’S VITAL I TAKE THIS COURSE. And I want my license before I’m 18.

Unfortunately, since I’m taking it online and they don’t offer it online and have to take this online. So dump another online course on my summer. It takes over 4 hours in one sitting so I guess it isn’t that bad, but I think it’s better I do it in July. I hope this isn’t what sophomore year is too.

Also, I just learned that it’s Georgia law that I can get my learner’s permit at 15.  AS A FRESHMAN!!!!! 6 MONTHS OF PREPARATION.

It seems uber cool and it’s one more step to freedom. Sorry I’m so excited, BUT IT’S DRIIIIIVING.

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6 thoughts on “Driving For A Freshman

  1. Oh my glob it’s pun time.
    That seems cool
    So cool it DRIVES me insane
    Lol what is my life.

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