This Or That Book Tag

This Or That Book Tag

While going to back in my reader to find all the posts I missed, I realized I was tagged in a lot of tags.  Jerrod from It’s Jerrod and The Artistics encouraged everyone to this tag so here we are. This tag was made by Chloe at Diary Of A Lonely Girl. Let’s get this tag done!


I love reading on the bed, it makes me feel like my bedroom will whisk me away into another world, almost like The Magic Tree House books. A lot of the times when I read on the sofa, I feel inclined to turn on the T.V. and then I’m distracted.


Hmm… I like either, but I’m going lean more towards a female main character since of the books I’ve ever read have female main character. My old LA teacher actually told us that they found that its easier for females to relate to males in a book than males relating to females in a book.

Slide3It depends for me. If I’m like the car or outside, I tend to eat more salty snacks but if I’m inside I eat more sweet things. Generally, I love SOUR snacks but since that isn’t an option, I’ll go with sweet.Slide4Trilogies are all the rage along with the Young Adult novels, but I actually like quartets more because it just makes a series feel more full circle. Plus, what’s the point with the trilogies if the movies end up being a quartet anyways?Slide5I like third person little more because you kind of get a wide scope everything. The land, the people,in some forms everyone’s thoughts and experiences. Slide6Reading at night gives me really calm, serene vibes which is what I like a lot actually. In the morning, I feel like I could get distracted or interrupted so easily. Slide7If you put me in a bookstore, I’d buy every book until I’m broke. (Assuming you’ll give me that money because, AHA I AM BROKE.) I’dprobably be more interested in the price than actually reading in a bookstore so I’ll say library.Slide8A lot of the time, I would pick a book to laugh at. But if I feel a little down or really dissolved in my thoughts, I’d like to read one that makes me cry.Slide9Ooh, that’s kind of hard for me. Ultimately, I like plot driven stories because plot driven stories can show character development just like a character driven story.

I tag anyone loves books!

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4 thoughts on “This Or That Book Tag

  1. Ooh, this seems fun; I like books. 😮
    I’ll do this once I get my stolen mouse back from my mother…

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