If A Day Of Walking On A Park Trail Was Honest

Hello, Hello, Hello, it’s your friend (I would hope) back with a dose of sarcasm and slight judgement. What I say about the people are for satirical purposes and I don’t mean everything I say about them.

(I wish I posted this sooner but I wanted to be careful about how I said things.)


When I had to take Personal Fitness and Health, instead of just using the treadmill that’s been collecting dust since 2 years ago (besides, the FitBit doesn’t even count the treadmill as actually walking because you’re in one place), my parents pushed me into the outside (It’s like I’ve never seen it before!) to this big local park with a skate park, basketball court, tennis court, field, a pavilion, two baseball diamonds, batting cages, a football/soccer field, a track, and most importantly in my case, a trail.

Why didn’t I just go with the trail? Well, as a 14 year old girl with several issues including socially awkwardness and insecurities, there was no way I would:

a) Embarrass myself in front of all those athletes.

b) Make myself look more like some waif compared to everyone else like people who actually use it for track and field, cross country and such.

Is it wrong that these are the reasons I stayed away from that? Most likely.  In fact, when my parents went with me that one time and I never mentioned it once even when my mother mentioned that it was strange that they had basically everything BUT a track.

The trail is about a mile or so long with two bridges, some benches, a lot of forest, and the sights of behind the batting cages along the way. A lot of it was woodsy so I always had on bug spray and of course the cicadas were obnoxious loud. Sometimes it smelled bad because, well, there’s animals along this trail like rabbits, deer, snakes, squirrels and other stuff I probably never saw.

And then you meet the people.


Such as:

WWW – Wide Wall Of Women (There is a more specific abbreviation I could have put but.. I mean it wasn’tJUST that group I was going to target):

This is a group of women that after their supposedly humdrum lives, they go to the park to vent about the latest office drama and either shed the baby weight or blow off steam or keep a lean body. Problem is that they are like a wall preventing anyone from moving and they aren’t willing to disperse for you because someone might forget something about their Starbucks drink of the day.

The Fit One Of The Year:

There’s actually two way can go.

You know this person is fit. I know this person is fit. That person know they’re fit. But why they take it to a level so extreme I’ll never know. Everything they do here is to show off how fit they are and it’s obnoxious.

WE ALL GET IT. There is NO need to show off more.

*cries about it and eats potato chips on her couch*


This person is usually moping around on the trail not caring about anything. But watch out if you pass him once. If you do, this just turned into the marathon and he will rush to pass you and once he does, he does back to the way he was.

Family and I:

The family where the parents are so happy to be out of the house and the kids are simply miserable in this foreign world called “outside”.

@me everytime my parents tagged along.


This person is usually running and with their phone on hand. While doing said running with their phone, they are play- Blasting their music super loud. I mean, hey if you don’t have headphones or something, that’s chill I guess but people in the football field shouldn’t be able to hear it.

Sometimes they do play nice songs but most times, it’s kind of obnoxious and annoys everyone.

@that poor little girl a few days ago who was blasting Sweatshirt like it was the best song ever.

Old But Still Kicking:

These people are yes, old but they are still kicking butt. I think. These people seem much more lively than typical elder people and don’t seem to give any shits when people look at them weird like, “Why is that old lady holding weights and like doing cardio?” and I kind of hope to be like them even though I’ve grow to be lazy.

That Person From School:

I saw not one. Not two. Not three. Four guys from school the other day. Luckily, I knew my crush was a camp he forced to go to so it wasn’t him but they were moderately popular. So imagine a very sweaty girl who was just running through a park who decided to slow down when she suddenly sees some guys from school and instantly tries to hide herself.

These people could be anyone but you know they’re from your school. There’s a few ways this can go. You can either completely embarrass yourself, ignore them, awkwardly wave, or wave and say hi because they’re actually chill with you.

The latter one never happens with me.

And then best ones,

Chiller Than Your Fridge:

These people you see often and they always greet you with a smile and wave. They ask about you and your day and how far you’ve been going. It might be weird at first but you grow to like them.

This post could have been just easily a Types Of People At The Park.

Float In The Cyber Space!


2 thoughts on “If A Day Of Walking On A Park Trail Was Honest

  1. HAHAHAHA YES!! My mum always drags me along to her little “workout sessions” and dudeeeee whenever I see any one I know my face just goes redder than it probably already is and I just try to avoid them by looking straight ahead. When their in groups, it just makes it a thousand times worse.Ah gosh it’s annoying.

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