Guys, I really do want to apologize for not being on WordPress as much as I thought I would be. It’s been a chaotic summer of more chaotic summers to follow.

So, that being said, Last Night I got back onto WordPress and scrolling through my notifications I found the 100 followers badge.


And then I looked at the date and it was over a week ago.


And that I had already opened it.


It’s updated to say that my current tally is 102. This might not seem like a lot of to some of you but it actually means a lot to me.

Thanks to everyone or even a fraction of everyone among the 100 of you who willing read my content. Thank you to anyone who willing pressed that follow button without a gun to your head.

Whether you were here from the beginning or legitimately just came here, thanks.

Because lord knows I am a sarcastic, “hipster”, “emo” fangirl.

(Side Note: Has anyone seen that new MCR video with MCRX and 9/23/16? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN, EPIC REUNION TIME??? What do you guys think, sound off below.)

So I’m thinking about what I can do to pay you for 4 years of hell. Just kidding, I don’t have money.

I’m considering doing a Q/A, and that’s probably the most solid idea. If you guys have any ideas on how to celebrate, tell me in the comments.



Float In The Cyber Space!!


10 thoughts on “102 FOLLOWERS?

  1. It’s a great feeling to know you’ve reached a follower milestone. 😀 Now you feel like a winner!

  2. CONGRAGULATIONS!!! Wow a 100! thats a whole lotta ppl.

    A mcr reunion? im not a hardcore fan so idk what u mean, but i listen to some of their music and a renunion would be awesome!!!

    1. THANKS LISH! I know right, I couldn’t believe it myself.

      ;-; No reunion but that was the video I was talking about. ^^
      I’m not hardcore either but I tripped on it and I got so excited.

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