If I Wasn’t Myself Tag

About two month ago (two months ago? I’m checking up on posts I’ve missed.), Just A Blank Space made this pretty interesting tag about basically what the title says. Go check out her blog!

There are no rules and let’s jump in.


10 Things I’d Be If I Wasn’t Myself:

An Animal?

I’d probably be a giraffe. I’m taller than most people around me and then I’m always tripping over myself. That reminds me of giraffes except they are far more majestic than I am.


Six, I don’t know why though. Six just feels like a fitting number for me.


I’d probably be a Lavender color. Or black. More Lavender because it’s soft and I’m just a soft person in the inside, I suppose.


New Constellations ~ Ryn Weaver.

This song tells of wanting to know more and see what the future hold for you which is something I’m always looking/thinking about. The serenity of this song also gets me to relax while making decisions or really do anything. At the end, it really captures my overlapping thoughts. I really think this was a great closer to an great album. Click the name if you maybe want to listen.

A Book?

Hmm… That’s tough. I’d probably be “Smart Girls Get What They Want” by Sarah Strohmeyer. It;s about taking chances and while I may not do that always, the girls’ background before stepping more into spotlight is similar to my own.

The story is basically throughout: “Am I more than you bargained for yet?”

^^If you get that, thanks overcast kids.


I really do love my birth month despite the fact that I never really feel like a scorpio. So November for the win. November in the fall is usually pleasant for me.


Venus and Saturn have always captivated me but I’ll go with Venus. Venus just always struck me as something of curiosity.

I’M YOUR VENUS, I’M YOUR FIRE AT YOUR DESIRE. another scorpio quality I am lacking in and help me, this song is stuck in my head.

And 3 other things I’d be:

I’d be a viola:

My primary instrument is the viola if you did or did not and I think I’d totally be one. It’s a underappreciated but amazing instrument with a voice that wants to be heard but not everyone wants to give it that chance. Which I sometimes feel like in all honesty.

I’d be a pair of glasses:

People always tell me I’m insightful and observant which is true. Not saying that the naked eye or contacts are good but I feel like glasses kind of have this representation of digging a little deeper, trying to find a little more which goes into my curiosity.

Plus, I wear glasses so… yeah.

And I’d be a pair of combat boots:

I love them honestly, one. Two, They’re comfy but also have this rough appeal which my friends say I have. Which probably is true with “the way I present myself” these days.

I’m actually pretty interested in what your responses so I tag anyone who would like to do this.If you want to try this tag out, it would be super cool.

Float In The Cyber Space!


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