3 days left until high school. Still don’t know what the hell I’m doing and how to piece my academic mind and social life back together. (haha, that’s funny me having a social life.)

Two days ago, I got my schedule and I’m not crazy about it. Why, you might ask? Because:

A) I have orchestra first thing in the morning and as much as I do love it, It’s going to be hard to put myself into a mindset understanding enough at like 7:15 am.

B) For some reason, everyone in my advanced classes last year got split up, (even though we were told that wouldn’t happen) and now I’m stuck with people I’d rather not be around. .-.

C) Because of the fact I’m taking many AP classes, And my first two periods and my last academic(Orchestra and Spanish then AP Biology Gifted) are on the main floor, I’m finding myself having to rush down LONG hallways, and go and up down stairs just to get near the next class. RIP good attendance rate.

Time to wake at like 5 or 5:30 am to get ready for school and walk to the front of my neighborhood (which I live far from it) for the bus. And then not know where I’m going because I’ve heard two things:

Either you go straight to first period or you go to your homeroom. Which for me, ARE A LONG HALLWAY AWAY.

rip me.

Even with my neighbor’s daughter who’s a junior giving me some tips, I still feel super confused.

Float In The Cyber Space.


8 thoughts on “Sinking

  1. Oh god! That sounds horrible! But don’t worri, u will get through it!
    And u will have ur schedule worked out in no time 🙂

  2. Aww good luck! Here in Australia high school technically starts in year 7 and I’m currently in year 8, so I (kind of?) get the feeling of rushing around a new campus.
    With my school we don’t actually get any time to walk between classes but none of the teachers really care (e.g. period 3 from 11:15-12:20 and period 4 from 12:20-1:25). So is there like a short break between each of your classes already scheduled into your timetable? If not, just explain to your teachers that your classes are quite far away from each other. They should understand.
    I have orchestra at 7:15 too and on FRIDAYS :(( It’s been such a pain but I still like it
    Hopefully with your advanced classes you can make some new friends!! Or, who knows, maybe those people you’d rather not be around may become some new friends of yours. A lot of things change in high school 🙂
    You’ll be just fine 🙂 Good luck!

    1. Thanks for your wishes. Yeah, there’s five minutes of transition time so I think I’ve been managing it fine.
      ;-; tfw and I totally agree.
      You are right about that and I have made a few friends!

      1. yay that’s awesome!! I’m happy that you’ve settled in nicely 🙂
        (I don’t want to scare you off but just be warned: horrible things happen in high school and no matter how cliche that might sound, it is true – I’m living through it right now. Just a warning so when it does happen it’s not a huge initial shock 🙂 )

  3. Maybe those people you don’t want to be around will become your best friends. :0
    I think I’m on to something here BRUTHAH
    Good luck, anyways. ^^

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