Freshman Pep Rally

Everyone was going to the pep rally from the Organization info talk and “We’re All In This Together” was still ringing  in my ear from the Choral performance.

We had to leave through the patio and then this hill that led down to the main gym. People were constantly stepping on other feet. Not like they did it intentionally but due to one foot, I tripped and landed pretty hard in the grass.

Bravura waited on me, who was spitting and picking out grass, and in the process, we lost our teacher for like the 20th time today. So we walked in not knowing what we doing and then I saw my crush from middle school in the stands and shyly smiled and waved to which he returned and I noticed two things: a) He got taller, b) he got his braces off. Still really cute.

Bravura and I had no space anywhere but the front row of this place saturated by sophomores because they were accompanying this pep rally with us. Unfortunately, we were sitting behind these touchy friends who were like shoving each other playfully and we constantly got hit. They were apologizing but I mean, it was still painful.

The cheerleaders were performing routines which was okay, I suppose, when we walked in. I don’t exactly know how to judge that. Some routines were cool like at the end with all the backflips and complex pyramids but others were pretty boring like the one at the beginning. When they were doing it to music and looked like they weren’t getting a mugshot instead of some typical routine, THEN it was cool.

They wanted us to be hype so they had these like activities using volunteers. Let me tell you something: At school functions, I hate audience participation. I hate audience participation period. And luck was not on my side.

The first one was to see with 5 volunteers who could put the most tennis balls into a hoop by transporting between your legs which was pretty funny, to be honest. Especially where this kid, Bene (always the jokester that one.) basically accidentally flipped and slammed into the hoop with the tennis ball to win.

The second one was a dance contest was interesting if you’re into that stuff. I, personally, wasn’t that interested in it. But Alyssa and I had to keep getting up and down because this dude behind us couldn’t tell if he wanted to join or not. The most annoying thing? He didn’t.

The third one… .-. . The third one was where you had like 10 volunteers and they would grab someone with a specific thing the host said and try and get them as quick as possible to the other side. It was things like, “Someone with Navy on.” and such. So yeah, I’m watching and listening… sort of. And then the hist dude says, “Find someone with.. glasses.” And out of the whole lower classmen, out of everyone in that damn room, I GET PICKED?! And for someone with like social anxiety, it was mortifying just sitting in that chair for like 5 seconds before told to have a seat. Even better, my shirt got caught on something on the chair and it took forever to get back to my seat. ._. Probably embarrassed myself in front of my crush too, but that’s just great… not.

The marching band and the regular band was pretty cool, not going to lie. They played like Dynamite, Uptown Funk, Bad, and another one but I didn’t know it. Their routine was cool too, they weren’t like stiff, They were moving around in this cool pattern  I can’t really describe.

Bravura was recording the whole rally so I can remember that moment forever and ever. .-. And when it ended… we got lost again.

Float In The Cyber Space.


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