High School Debut

I don’t know why it feels like I’m still in Summer Break.

Freshmeat Freshman Day #1 was fine. Could have been better, but hey, pretty alright for what’s supposed to be hell. We really didn’t do anything because today was pep rally and more orientation day.

Last night, I was talking with a few of my blogger friends and the said, “Hey, alright. I’m going to try and sleep at like 11:30pm.” I didn’t actually go to sleep until like past 1 am. I simply COULD NOT sleep because I was too paranoid being late. Funny thing is that at 5:30, when I set my alarm: I woke up, looked at the phone, and then went back to sleep. It didn’t kick in until like 6:00 that, “OH SHIT, THAT WAS THE ALARM.” My dad actually knocked on my door and was like, “Shouldn’t you be up by now?”

I rushed through my whole routine until I realized that it wasn’t going to take me long to walk to the front of the neighborhood if I used the shortcut. .-. I was going to walk but it started raining so my mom drove me to the front of the neighborhood where was Brio as well. Our mothers were talking about way back when we were in Pre-K together and waiting on the bus which was taking a while. It finally picked us up but then it took FOREVER to get into school because ALL the car rider cars and the buses got backed up into the bus lane. Later today, we would be lectured SEVERAL times for car riders to come in through a different road.

When I got off the bus, the marching band was playing songs to introduce us to a new year. I actually caught to one of my friends and we walked in together to find people at the front door, handing us candy on the way in.

Me internally: “Hey, free candy? This place can’t be too bad .”

After turning past the commons, the hallways were very congested and there was a lot of “HEY, FRIEND THAT I LITERALLY DID NOT SEE ALL SUMMER.” (Which honestly, I’m pretty sure these people spoke to each other like last night.) and.. romantic things. So I rushed my way to homeroom where I got my locker and we got the schedule for the day. Orientations, 4th period/Lunch, and then our other classes for like 15 minutes.

I needed a buddy to make it through today and because my homeroom had people from the middle school minus a handful so I stuck with a girl which we say her name is Bravura.

The first part was a Keynote Speaker who was pretty hilarious in my opinion because I’m pretty sure he’s… kind of a wacko. With the whole odd hand gestures and jokingly honest advice, The whole theater was basically laughter at all times. How they introduced him, I thought it was PEOPLE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I mean it was unlikely but if you put, “They’re from-” and “-Chicago” in a sentence, my mind has a limited way it will swing. The second part was us going back to homeroom for Student Council to talk about Homecoming & The Court, The Games (specifically the Football), and among other things. The next part was a talk about Freshman experiences and School organizations like Chorus, Orchestra, Clubs and such. Then the pep rally, which I’ll get to in another post shortly because that.. It just needs its own post, and Ending the orientation with a discipline talk.

Something that was a trend is that people were looking for people were totally smash-able from the opposite schools. And because I ended sitting around a bunch of popular people that’s ALL I ever heard as conversations . \

Another trend:

I got lost, tired of walking, tripped over, and shoved against the walls and vending machines SO MANY TIMES.

4th period/Lunch wasn’t as nerve-wracking I thought it would be which was nice. But my homeroom teacher made the whole homeroom really LATE because instead of the students, she was like AWOL for 15-20 minutes. And all our schedules and bags were in there.

Orchestra was really cool because we found out we get THREE FIELD TRIPS. One to New York City, Another to an Orchestra far south and then the last one AT SIX FLAGS and then for participating we get a summer pass. ORCHESTRA IS GOING TO BE THE SHIT.

Spanish was fine, and I actually saw my neighbor’s daughter(the Junior one) in the class. Math was awkward because there were A LOT of juniors and then only 4 freshman. Social Studies was quiet because all we did was fill out a student questionnaire. And Science was basically turning in our summer work and then going to the buses.

The bus in the afternoon was pretty hot and it took me a while to find my bus because the map was confusing but Aria caught me on the way and we got to our buses (which were really close) right before they had to shut the doors. I actually had to sit in seat Twelve. And you might be thinking, “Why had, the back of the bus is usually pretty chill?” Well, I was surrounded by Seniors talking about who was “smash-able” (smash meaning..

okay if you aren’t mature for this, that’s fine… just ignore it.

fuck, if you didn’t know.) and who wasn’t due to.. certain circumstances.

It’s my mom’s birthday so I should have figured she wasn’t going to home but she never gave me a heads-up to have my key with me so I had to sit outside for like 20 minutes in the heat.

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