Random Thought #241867

There’s a reason it’s thought and not thoughts as usual.

Now I don’t know about you guys but I think the most interesting thing I did today was try to explain necrophilia to a innocent person. And before you start with your thoughts like, “OH MY GOD, NECROPHILIA. THIS GIRL IS A FREAK, WHERE’S THE NEAREST MENTAL WARD.” I am NOT  a necrophiliac.

See, here’s what happened: In Lit and Comp, we were talking Greek roots because we have a quiz next Thursday. So we were reviewing the list and giving examples of words with that root. The root ‘necro-‘ was in it. People were listing the usual necromancy, necrology, right?

So this guy, Let’s name him Bene…good lord, I honestly still can not deal with his response. He said it so calmly yet he knew the response he was going to get. A lot of people were dying, (HAHAHAHAHA DYING BECAUSE NECRO MEANS DEAD oh my gosh someone stop me) and other people were like red and hiding their face, more people covered their mouth horrified, and then you have those poor people who have no idea of what the hell is happening. I didn’t notice it but my dear (and probably only friend at this point) friend, Lily, was completely lost.

Walking to AP Human Geography, I brought it up again.

“I still can’t get over Bene’s response. I mean..” I  sighed while I started chuckling.

“Yeah… what exactly does that mean?” She asked.

“..This will be fun explaining.”

I basically went through the concept of the dead bodies but then stammered about the sexual part of it without mentioning any sexual and instead saying exciting in a romantic type way but not really because its more until she interrupted me and said she got it by this point being red and such.

Moral of the story: Don’t let Bene speak.

Just kidding.

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