“Nothing TOO Illegal.”

It’s the 3rd week of school and you’re already hopping fences, look who’s on her way to being a rebel.

Look, I had to jump the fence to get to school on time! See, what had happened was:

This morning, I was eating my breakfast, oatmeal, when my mother is actually awake early. She sees me still at home and asks me if I wanted a ride to school today since it’s on her way to the college. I rejected the offer to walk and so she left. I had a slight bad feeling but I shrugged it off, finished my breakfast and went on my way.

Approaching the fence I had to walk in to get to school, I noticed a new feature on the fence: A LOCK. “What the actual hell, HOW AM I GETTING TO SCHOOL?” I started to panic and then I hid in the bushes because I knew I was kind of early and someone HAD to come this way.

Two minutes passed by when a guy, I guess like a junior, walked up to the fence, dropped his bookbag on the other side and simply hopped the fence. My little mind was blown, “That easy?”

I didn’t know if I would get in trouble but I didn’t have time to care because I HAD to get to school and I, cautiously, hopped the fence. The junior was watching me because telling by my movements, he probably figured out that I’m that type of person to accidentally kill myself doing things like this.

Instead of killing myself, I did get scratched a line into where the ankle generally is and it stung through out Orchestra and Spanish.

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