A High School Break Down In The Eyes Of A Senior

Maybe about a week or so ago, we had our freshman mentors come in during 4th period. They separated our class into about 6 groups and each group had their own little sector. Our group was by the door and I only knew one person in my group well enough as a friend. That was the point of splitting us up though; to make new friends and that we would get into these groups everytime they come in.

Now our group leader was a tall girl with glasses, and let’s call her Assai. She was a senior and she seemed pretty nice as she was asking us questions about what club we wanted to join and how our experiences were. I think she noticed the fact none of us were really speaking to each other and just allowed questions to be asked.

So this one guy, let’s call him Avec, asks, “What would be your breakdown of high school grade by grade?”

She thought it over some, before she responded, “Well, it kind of goes like this:

It’s your freshman year, la di da la la. New school, new friends, maybe a new you? You kind of don’t know what you’re doing, just winging it. There might be a little tension between the people from different schools but I mean you live with it. By the end, you still are slightly uneasy.

Sophomore year. It gets a little tougher in academics and maintaining relationships with people but it’ll be fine. You start to just not care who came from where. You’re learning your way and probably making a name for yourself by this time. You do get more relaxed and think, “Huh, maybe this isn’t so bad. What was I worried about as a freshmeat?”

Junior year, it slaps you in the face with drama and problems and it slaps you hard. Suddenly, you don’t know what you’re doing and you’ve never been so lost. I know it sounds cliche but it’s true. Things you never knew arise and friends can become strangers quickly. Without a strong support group you will most likely fall victim to the machine of life that will chew you up and spit you out.

Then Senior year: You are either a) in a bubble and haven’t exposed yourself to anything, b) gone, c) numb and want life to get on or d) shaking and rocking back and forth, horrified.”

“Which one are you?” This girl, calling her Alla, asked.

“The one shaking and rocking back and forth, horrified.” She spoke seriously.

We all looked at each other like, “What the hell happened for you?”

And then she clasped her hands and continued like she hadn’t scared us all: “So the Inside Scoop is on Thursday and I really do hope you join one club because they really are fun!”

I’m not going to lie, I was kind of.. bothered after that.

(Note: Over the past month, my reader was been very problematic: it only gives me bit and pieces of posts, won’t show images, or just doesn’t load at all which is why i haven’t exactly been able to read posts. If there are ANY posts you want me to read/ tags you want me to do, link them below and I’ll make my best effort to read them.)

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