2017 Resolutions

So as I was at one of my friend’s New Years Party, loading up on chocolate and drinking cold cider in freezing rain while randomly calling people while playing Bingo and Truth or Dare and setting fireworks and a bonfire under a canopy…

You know, as normal people with their New Year’s. Totally normal people. Especially teenagers who are looked upon as smart by their peers… you know that makes more sense.

Anyway, during that chaos, I started to think about what my 2017 resolutions should be. To be honest, I gave the horror of the year that shall be named so much that I hadn’t had time to think to the future. I’ll be 16 this time which is SUPER crazy to think about because one of you have been journeying with me on this ride of teenhood since the beginning. Yikes.

In this post, I will be using… DIVIDERS! okay look, I know it isn’t that great but I’ve never used them before (probably should) and yeah.



  • Try to post at least once or twice a week (every day right now is just… impossible).
  • Add some more variety to my posts(more sarcastic commentaries, or literary skits, stuff like that).
  • Keep this blog more updated on life in general.
  • Changing up the design of this blog (it’s been years…).
  • Branch out and meet more new bloggers.
  • Socialize with y’all more!
  • Add more photography on this blog.
  • Catch up with people because my reader was dysfunctional for most of 2016.
  • Post important events more promptly than waiting months to post… yikes.


  • Work hard to maintain my GPA.
  • Stop procrastinating as much with AP work because it causes last night stress.
  • Continue attending study groups on Saturdays and even suggest inviting more people.
  • Actually continuously organize my backpack.
  • Join another club?? Or maybe just increase my involvement in one I’m in already.
  • Get those 40 hours of volunteering for that cord before March for that cord.
  • Read your AP study books more often.
  • (This is more of something I HAVE TO DO SOON). SIGN. UP. FOR. THE. AP. EXAMS.


  • Open yourself to meeting new people and making new friends.
  • Try to be more trusting of people.
  • Maybe hang out with friends more instead of avoiding invites.
  • Work on the social anxiety some.
  • Talk more instead of sitting in a corner and eating most of the time? (this will be hard af)




  • Redecorate or rearrange my room.
  • Get in more exercise instead of being a bed potato all time.
  • Ironically enough after that one, catch up on all of my shows I haven’t watched in forever.
  • Start writing stories again or at least shake up from poems.
  • READ. MORE. BOOKS. Book club is helping but honestly ever since I started Freshman year, I have only been reading books I absolutely have to.
  • Wake up and watch the sunrise!
  • Expand my music ranges.
  • Make edits for my tumblr blog on more of a schedule.
  • Have better time management (the planner is helping)
  • Save up money rather spending it on temporary things.
  • Improve my viola playing skills, finish learning piano, and pick up guitar.
  • Learn to make more decisions rather indecisive all the time.
  • Draw more and use that watercolor kit I’ve have forever.
  • Write music because it seems fun af.
  • Start video gaming more… (this only thing keeping me from playing video games is my brother who is attached to our new PS4.)download-8

I think the main lesson I learned from 2016 was: Sometimes you have to let go, it’s never easy, but it eventually works out.

Something useful from something so… awful.

Float In The Cyber Space!


7 thoughts on “2017 Resolutions

  1. That’s such an important lesson to learn and take forward with you in this year which WILL be a better year!! Good luck for all your resolutions, I’m sure you’ll achieve them 🙂

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