Bipolar Ass Weather

Okay, so I live in the south in a state called Georgia. So we aren’t the coldest place on earth but I mean it’s January. January is supposed to be chilly, maybe some snow, right?


You see, the weather in this state is completely wack. The strangest events will be happening in the wrong months. So this year, it being January, two weeks it was hella cold and was rumored to snow. (It hasn’t snowed in like 3 years, so it was wishful thinking.) It even snowed in TEXAS. BUT NOT HERE.
But now this week, it’s like summer. As of right now, it is 78 FUCKING DEGREES. WHAT THE FUCK?!

Guess it is a great time for spring sports like track and lacrosse…

there’s not such thing as winter here, end of story.

It’s called fighting season instead at my high school because SHIT HAS GONE DOWN. Last week, there were 12 fights, one of which was between two freshman because one poured milk on the other one’s hair and apparently she just got it done and so basically… there was blood and hair ripped out. 

Plus, two of my best friends I made this year got in a fight (not a physical one [well, technically].) but it’s just kind of sensitive and awkward for everyone right now. And what else is striking is because the day it happened was Friday the 13th and THE LAST 20 minutes of school. It was a good day for everyone until then. (This was basically discussion in one of the posts that should have posted but this is just a summation.)

(You know I was trying to write this post by using “this friend” and “that friend” but it’s way too confusing and I don’t want to use their actual names something like this so code names! And this might continue in other posts, I’m not sure.) 

Basically what happened is that we were doing something in AP Biology. It was a team type thing and so my friend, (let’s do flowers because I can’t think) Daisy, had to run to get paper with a DNA sequence and make into mRNA, I sit down and translate it into tRNA and then my other friend, Poppy, goes and finds the matching sequence. It’s not really relevant but I thought it was fun.

The other person, Dahlia, involved in the fight was also a searcher for another group. And it bothers me because Dahlia and Poppy that so these two friends were talking and Poppy and playfully patted one of them on the shoulder. Dahlia thought it was a slap (someone told me they saw and it was an obvious pat) and then punched Poppy in the face.

 So yeah.

(Also, I’m aware that my posts didn’t post last week so starting now, I’ll post every day for a week to make up for it. 🙂 )

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