When A Business Is Your Match Maker

On Friday, during 4th period advisement and after my first SAT Vocabulary word quiz, we were given two different surveys. The idea somewhat stressed me, not because the SAT word quiz was hard, but because I’ve had quizzes back to back almost every period. And I also thought it was one of those student surveys. You know them, the ones that you never want to take but then have to anyways and it makes you want to choose “Strongly Disagree” every question. Yeah, those.

The first one was mandatory and isn’t very important to the post… but I’ll talk about it anyways. It was from Boy Scouts Of America and apparently they need it for numbers?

Anyways, it was a basic one asking about jobs and hobbies when I realize… I had to do the same one in like 8th grade. And once again, these hobbies did not have reading or writing but rather… historical reenactments and clock making. HISTORICAL REENACTMENTS. BUT NO READING AND WRITING???

Before I get even more triggered, let’s move on to the main focus of this post. 

The second one was voluntary but intriguing. It was from this club from school called SADD or Students Against Destructive Decisions. So it’s a survey asking you questions about your personality and hobbies, your name and grade. Once you turn it in the SADD club sends it to a company and you get your top 10 matches with guys in your grade for 2 dollars. And the results come around Valentine’s Day (MY NEW CRUSH’S BIRTHDAY AHHH (well he’s been my crush for 6 months but yeah)

At first, I was like this is ridiculous but the more I looked, the more I thought about it. THIS COULD BE MY CURE TO LONELINESS. I mean lmao, I’m ugly af but I mean, still. And wouldn’t it be great if my crush matched up? The curiosity was killing me so I went,”What the hell?” 

My crush actually has similar answers to me so here’s to hoping. maybe I might actually ask him to Sadie Hawkins. Just kidding lol, I have ZERO CONFIDENCE.

Float In The Cyber Space!


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