Sadie Hawkins Low Down

Okay, so in my recent posts I keep mentioning Sadie Hawkins and some people are like:

“lmao who’s Sadie and why are all the girls going over to her place?”

That’s when I realized not everyone knows what it is. So I took it upon myself to explain it myself as awkwardly as I always do with some research as well as what I’ve been told.

Sadie Hawkins is a character from an old comic. So she was considered pretty… ugly and was really distraught over not having any suitors even by age 35. Her father was also concerned so he was like, “Yo, all of you unmarried men should come to what I’m calling Sadie Hawkins Day.” So there came about some footrace and whoever lost the race had to marry Sadie. She really liked this Adam guy who was already with this chick, Theresa whose father is a big shot potato farmer and a bunch of guys like her, by courtship. But since they weren’t engaged, he was made to attend. Basically, the guy she really liked was in the top ten, like #4 I think, and she got this random guy named John Jonston. Then all of the town’s spinsters were like, “Hey… this HAS to be annual.” All the guys were like., “Oh geez…”

And so yeah. SADIE HAWKINS.

That explanation was kind of strange, I got ‘Drunk History of Fall Out Boy’ vibes.

So the dance, based on this, is a girls ask guys type of shebang. It’s apparently a spring dance, which I think is strange considering that’s prom season? But whatever, I’m not in StudCo (Student Council).

If I even go, I’ll most likely need a new dress. My homecoming dress would have been perfect for the spring season because it was floral but I didn’t know about Sadie’s so I didn’t want to leave it there and not wear it once.

The reason I say if I even go is because a) I kind of don’t want to go anyways and b) I kind of want to ask this guy I like but don’t because there will be some consequences I don’t want to deal with.

My next post will cover that and yes, January, I honestly tried for one post a week but my laptop is now broken and WordPress App sucks but I’ll try for you guys until I get a new laptop.

Float In The Cyber Space!


2 thoughts on “Sadie Hawkins Low Down

  1. That Sadie Hawkins comic sounds pretty cool and interesting, lol. And that really sucks that your laptop broke, I would give you mine since I never really use it much.

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