Here’s A Funny Story

So last week, we had a break from school on Friday. Which you know what would be great if I hadn’t left my phone at school after volunteering. Basically, I volunteer every week Tuesday-Thursday for the Foreign Language Teachers. My Spanish teacher recommended it and I need the hours for a graduation cord, college, and I like helping others.

So Thursday, I was grading Latin papers in Spanish room because the Latin teacher had a meeting. So I’m grading these papers and I can’t wait for this 3 day weekend but I want to be focused so I put my phone on a desk 3 rows away. I finish, I ask my Spanish Teacher to sign my hours sheet, and I walk on my merry way.

I consider stopping to text my mother but I shrug and continue home to where my dad is waiting. I eat and feel like checking Snapchat when… I don’t feel my phone in my pocket. Anxiety strikes as I am scrambling around in my book bag. Eventually, I end up dumping everything out to realize… I HAD LEFT IT IN THAT CLASSROOM.

To make matters worse, after I finished, she said she would be leaving. In desperation, I run back to school(my high school is like 3 minutes away walking, anyway). I actually stop by the AP Bio room, forgetting that I did, in fact, leave it in Spanish. 

I then start towards the Spanish room, when the Latin teacher stops me and says that Señora has left but she took it to the front and I should check there. I walk to the front, with my mind in a flurry because I’m freaking the hell out. I go to the front… and the lady says she hasn’t see it. That moment is when I wanted to die. The lady suggests I come back tomorrow and check then, and I disappointedly walk back home.

I immediately call my friends from my laptop on Skype, telling them what happened and their reactions were like, “…How do you leave it at school, during our long weekend??” 

Later, I’m doing streaks via my sister’s phone and one of my friends that I didn’t tell earlier asked about my phone. I say no while asking her how she knows and she replies with my crushes name. At this point, I’m hella confused because how the heck does he know? And my friends didn’t tell him, so I spent my weekend feeling as if I was on something to maybe misread it?

I go back to school tomorrow… and the lady in the front wasn’t even there. It was only the bookkeeper which made me low key pissed. So I had to wait until Monday, which pretty much was annoying but okay. 

The cute part out of this is on Monday, I finally got told what my other friend meant. My crush swung the Spanish room to find and talk me while my teacher was freaking out because she couldn’t find me. He calls one of my best friends after already checking my favorite places like the orchestra room and the quad. This boy took the time to search high and low for me even though at that point, I was still at home freaking the fuck out. Most people I know would just say, “I’ll tell her later.” And I mean he was probably hella tired because he was taking tests he wasn’t here for.

It was really sweet. But lmao I am clinging to my phone for life now.

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