Reality Fan Fictions 

So I have this friend who really likes writing fan fiction because she’s really good at it making it realistic. In fact so well, she’s writing to write about her own reality. Or at least drawing people from her reality.

Let me explain.

I’m a part of my high school’s Freshman Concert Orchestra and all of us get along pretty well, like a support group for each other of sorts. And like every friend group, people ship one another or date, you know whatever. This is will link to my point later.

So one day during 4th period, while eating an apple, I received an airdrop in my notes section. Thinking this was strange but curious, I diverted my attention from Romeo and Juliet to read it and basically it was gay smut who have sex in the bass room.

Not the best thing to be reading while eating because I nearly choked on my apple after reading this. In the back of the room, I see this girl in my orchestra class start bursting into laughing and one guy looking like, “What the fuck did I just read?”

Then we all looked at each other and realized we were the only ones that received the air drop in this class. I didn’t even look at whose phone the drop came from, but I saw the initials at the bottom of the note and recognized them as this one girl who’s always writing stuff.

I didn’t say anything to her the next morning because maybe it was a mistake or something, I know. But then at 4th period, once again there was an air drop, yet this time it was a fluff story about these two friends becoming lovers. It sounded vaguely familiar as if I remembered seeing these exact events the other day not because stuff like that is written all the time.

That’s how I reached the conclusion about that they were about people in the orchestra.

 The same girl from the other day let out an “Aw.” during Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet. 

My teacher responded, “Oh, yes. Deaths by dagger and rat poison is oh so romantic.” before he returned to playing the audio.

The girl wasn’t in orchestra the morning after that but either she came by 4th period or someone else air dropped it for her because once again, it was another fic which was smut. 

I saw the girl the morning after that and asked her a) Why?, b) Who?, c) Was I ever written about? Hey, I was curious! Answers were:

a) because she was bored, 

b) she told who she wrote them about based on different ships even if they were straight or not and what she’d like to see happen (she didn’t use actual names of anyone.), 

c) Thank god, no. Could you imagine if I was in a fan fic? I would be the most unnecessary, weird ass character ever.

Doesn’t make it any less strange though…

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