Going To See ‘In The Heights’

Today is opening night for my high school’s production of In The Heights, a musical by Lin Manuel Miranda based on a book by Quiara Alegría Hudes! I have two good friends, well one I kind of like, that are in it so I promised I would go to see them. 

In addition, I want to get more into theatre because I like Hairspray, Hamilton, Rent, and the Book of Mormon along with the Phantom of The Opera, but I want to expand my horizons of knowledge. And my parents see no point in seeing Broadway shows or watch musical theatre live when you can “watch it on YouTube”. It’s just not the same. 

(And speaking of Broadway, when I go on my Orchestral New York trip (which I will blog about) next month, we are going to see Aladdin on Broadway!!)

So my friends made me listen to the soundtrack and I really like songs like Carnaval Del Barrio as well as 96000. If anyone else really needs something new to listen, I do recommend this soundtrack. 

I arranged this friend group of about like 10 people (yeah, shit I have friends now) to go on Friday because going on Thursday is just weird: People have sports (I wouldn’t know) and a bunch of other stuff but Friday, everyone seemed good.

I’m pretty excited.

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