I Loved ‘In The Heights’!

(Important event happens… takes two weeks to post instead of one… ;-; sorry, guys) 

Going to see ‘In The Heights’ was one of the most wonderful evenings I had outside of the house with my friends.

The musical was starting at 7:00 pm but the doors opened for entry at 6:15, so I decided to get there around 6:30. I had paid for my ticket online during presales (15 minutes before it closed because my mom forgot to mention that she was going to pay for it but then forgot about it 😂) so I just got my ticket reservation and went to locate my friends.

You see, I have a close friend and slight crush on a guy who were in the musical. So, my idea was to invite some friends in a group to see it on one day, that day being Friday. That was because even though opening night was last Thursday, Thursday was weird for planning but most people had clear Friday’s.

I had a total of 12 friends show up which was wow. I couldn’t believe I actually that many friends and those friends also invited other friends so technically 18 people came out for my group! The awkward part was that I was this close from sitting between my old crush and my current crush which would be… yikes.

I’m just glad that we didn’t do the sign idea. You see, some of my friends were like, “If we’re going to support our friends then we should get them a sign.” But the problem is that a) it would block people off from seeing and b) it’s too distracting, which is why I’m glad one of my friend suggested bringing flowers instead.

We all sat on the like left so from the stage, we were right. I ended up sitting with one of my friends one side and the other side were where the flowers rested. While waiting for it to start, at this point it was about 6:50, I decided to flip through the program and realized just how many people invested their time into this musical like a girl in my Pre-Calc class was playing Vanessa and a guy in my Spanish class was one of the primary artists for the set. My slight crush, the one in the musical, was in the musical ensemble but then I realized that his brother, didn’t even know he had one, was playing USNAVI, like WOW, that is so flipping awesome. 

I don’t want to spoil a lot of the musical just in case any of you see it but you can look it up in more depth if you wish.

It takes places over three days and in this neighborhood, or barrio as it will be referred to. in New York called Washington Heights. It’s mostly Dominican-American but also has many other  Latinx cultures as demonstrated in one of the songs, Carnaval Del Barrio. You have Usnavi, the main character I would say, and his cousin Sonny, who is a jokester but also wants social justice, who run this bodega, or a small little grocery store type place. You then have Vanessa, Usnavi’s love interest who wants to leave the barrio for “better things” and is amazing beautiful as all the guys want her, Carla, an innocent bean, and Daniela, who work at the local salon which is a hub for neighborhood gossip. Then there’s the Rosarios, Nina, Camila and Kevin. Nina is returning from Stanford (being the first in her family to attend college) and is idolized as “the girl who made it out”, however, something isn’t quite right and I can’t really say what because I don’t want to spoil. Kevin is Nina’s father, runs Rosario’s, a taxi cab service, and is pretty overprotective of Nina. Camila is Kevin’s wife and she basically can hold her own even though she usually tolerates Kevin being a total control freak. Benny works at Rosario’s dispatch and has been a while. He doesn’t speak Spanish and isn’t Hispanic or Latinx so Kevin doesn’t really approve him being Nina because they grow a romantic relationship. There’s also Abuela Claudia, who’s basically everyone’s grandmother, knows everyone, and raised Usnavi after his parents died, Graffiti Pete, who Usnavi sees as a vandal before he really unleashes his potential and is apparently Sonny’s boyfriend (I saw undertones but I didn’t really see it as obvious but that’s what Wikipedia says and this…), and then the Piragua man who owns the Piraeus stand and is basically like a sun of happiness and hilarity within the musical when you see him. 

The acting was just so A+ and the singing was so magnificent, like I got chills. I was so blown away by the intermission and the rest of it was just phenomenal. The guy who played Sonny was hilarious with his gestures and everything and the guy who played Benny was pretty cute, not gonna lie. I’d say my favorite character was probably Usnavi or Nina, however, Nina was kind of ungrateful at times and it put me off some. My friend beside me though couldnit get enough of the Piragua man and Sonny. My top 5 favorite songs would be 96,000, Carnaval Del Barrio, No Me Diga, In The Heights, and Champagne. 

Also, it just might be worth mentioning that my sort of crush winked at me during 96,000 and I know this was intentional because I asked after the musical when everyone was coming out and it was like a giant celebration of a job well done. Just might be important 🙂 .

Now, I can’t wait for my New York trip with my orchestra in A WEEK AND THREE DAYS NOW, I AM SO EXCITED. Don’t you worry, I will try the best of my ability to post each day when it happens but if not, within a week and I am going to push myself to a post a week at least for the rest of the year. 🙂

Float In The Musical Cyber Space!


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