That Day After Spring Break

Well, this post was originally going to be about the types of people you see after spring break ends and it still will but I have a wild story to tell too.

I don’t know if this is just a me thing or not, there’s just this thing about the day after your spring break that’s just slightly odd or maybe slightly awkward. 

You’ve got the people you KNOW went to a beach or an island because they are burnt to practically a crisp, the people who are pale because they stayed inside all day (me), or the people who went on vacation somewhere and are wearing a ton of memorabilia from there. L And in addition to that, you have the drama that occurred over the week as well because a lot of shit can go down in a week. I should know witnessedand heard of a lot of it this spring break, yikes. For instance, a friend of mine’s boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend and then she went on this rampage and expose to the parents and on social media… it was disastrous.

I went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for the first weekend up to Monday for Spring Break. It wasn’t to see family or anything, just because my parents wanted to see the Great Smokies. We hiked for almost 3 hours one day and it was tiring because the area we were in was steep and annoying with my siblings whining about nature and how “hideous” it is. We did go to Dollywood, which was REALLY fun, and various amusement places in Sevierville and Pigeon Forge as well.

And now for my story. So during 1st period, Orchestra, they announced over the stadium that they wants the upstairs level classes to go outside to the football stadium. I was low key scared because… why is everyone upstairs going to the stadium, outside? My teacher was like, “What… the fuck?”

So even though we were downstairs, he made us pack up after playing the easiest song we have, and not even half of it, and we just had 40 minutes of doing nothing before they called all downstairs, and basement levels to the football stadium. At this point, I was pretty sure it’s just a motivational “you’re back at school” and hell waits as testing season is officially starting pep rally. 

I was pretty much wrong because instead, as we are all walking to the stadium, I start to see ambulances and police cars and the paramedics from Metro Atlanta. I’m over here thinking, “What the hell is going on?”

The teachers usher us to to seats and I notice two crashed cars on the field. WHY WERE THERE TWO CRASHED CARS ON THE FIELD? I was flipping out when my friend told me it was all a texting and driving simulation from the SADD Club and ADAP so I chilled out. Over the intercoms, you suddenly hear someone speaking. 

It was a girl and she said, “Hello?! My name is Jane Doe (can’t use her real name) and there’s been an accident, please hurry.” 

Everyone starts groaning as they realize it’s just a demonstration. The girl leaves the car and then all of police cars and ambulances and the paramedics comes driving on the track. I couldn’t help but laugh because I noticed how one of the police cars sirens were really weak and wonky. That and I was concerned that they might run over the Canadian Geese that were walking all over. 

They did what they would usually do in an accident and you hear the girl explain that she was heading to prom and wanted to take a quick selfie. The girl gets put in handcuffs and taken away in a police car out of many and firefighters extract the “bodies” from the car and then, if you weren’t paying attention you would miss it, switch them out with students. A standout factor is that this process was taking way too long and if this was real life, the people would be dead and gone.

And as if the several police cars and other vehicles weren’t too much, then sit tight. Suddenly, there’s a strong gust of wind and we hear the chopping… of a FREAKING HELICOPTER. I really didn’t expect it to land, I really didn’t. 

But it did. 

And everyone whipped out their phones to Snapchat it. Now I’m thinking, this is a total waste of resources. The big guns over a high school when there could be someone who ACTUALLY NEEDS HELP?? I get the whole thing but still.

One, well two, of the highlights of my day happened during this time. The first one, I live in the neighborhood behind the high school, so my mom heard the sirens and saw the helicopter but she didn’t know where they were so she calls me and is like, “What is going on at your school, a shooting??” 

My friends start dying as I have to explain over and over that it was a fake simulation of a car crash. The other one is that they accidentally switched the dummy with a student and put the student in the helicopter instead and that student was just waving at us as it went who knows where. I then saw a plane and I was like,”Look guys, it’s part two!” It wasn’t but… you know.

The day got really depressing in 4th period when my Lit and Comp teacher was talking to us about students he used to have that have died in car crashes due to this and I actually wanted to cry… He was so descriptive and it hurt. I looked up all the students later when I got home and I felt like breaking down. And my orchestra teacher was crying after the lesson because he lost his best friend to crash like that…

So be safe, peoples.

Float In The Cyber Space.


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