The AP Days Are Over

Well, for now anyways.

All of my inactiveness was due to having to make up a shit ton of work after my NYC trip with my high school orchestra and studying for my AP Biology and Human Geography Exams. Oh, what fun that was with the anxiety and the stress and the lack of sleep. 🙃🙃🙃

If you don’t know what an AP class is, basically it stands for “Advanced Placement”. It’s a class that goes at a faster pace than average classes and you have the potential of getting college credit for. The only way you’re getting college credit for it though is through… The dreaded AP Exams. 

The AP Exams are timed, and to add to the anxiety they put the countdown clock on the board, and basically challenge your brain about everything you learned with multiple choice questions in one section and essay questions in the second. To prepare, you can study your ass of, buy a review book and/or take mock and practice exams. All of which I did. Yay.

But honestly, the multiple choices for both exams were not as bad as I thought it would be. Plus, half the things I ACTUALLY studied were not on that test. And that’s all I can say about the matter because if I was to talk about subject matter in the multiple choice, College Board could fucking track me down and invalidate my test score. In fact I bet even mentioning the exams probably already put me on a watch list. Great.

And after this year of suffering because of these classes, I would really appreciate it if my work and life was not wasted by a test invalidation. 

However, I can talk about the essay questions because it’s been two days (which is as long as they give you without talking about it before they post it online and then you’re allowed) since I’ve taken both and let me tell you… I bullshitted half of the Bio ones. In fact, I didn’t even finish an essay and a half. Guess who probably isn’t getting a 4 and definitely not getting a 5. 

AP Human was not that bad though except the first one because I didn’t entirely remember what New Urbanism was and I never learned Mixed Use Development was (although one should be ABLE to guess correctly), so I bullshitted that and it stuff about gentrification. Which actually ended up being part of it so lucky me. 

The others were MAD easy. At least I thought so when a lot more people than I thought would forgot what a unitary system was and put Germany as one when the answer was Japan… In Georgia curriculum, they drill unitary, federal, democracy into your head EVERY YEAR, so I was confused? 🤔🤔 And then Germany on the map was broken up into states, which could help you assume that Germany was the federal state, while Japan was not. 

But hey, it’s not my business. 

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